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Book Review: One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid

onetruelovesOne True Loves
by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Published by Washington Square Press in 2016

One True Loves is a fantastic summer book. The story focuses on 31-year-old Emma’s life before and after her high school sweetheart and husband is presumed dead in a helicopter crash.

First, we learn about how she and her husband Jesse met and get a glimpse into what their marriage was like at various points. Then we see how his death affects her, and how she learns to start opening herself up to the world, and falls in love with Sam, who she’s known since high school.

The first half of the book is told in the past-tense, which sometimes made me feel like I was being told about things rather than experiencing them with Emma, but at the same time I felt like I really understood what was going in in Emma’s head and was really rooting for her.

In the second half, the book’s main conflict comes into full play. Jesse is alive! But Emma is now engaged to Sam and things are about to get super complicated. What would you do if you thought the love of your life was gone, only to have him suddenly come back?

One True Loves had me up late at night reading trying to figure out what Emma was going to do– would she choose Sam or Jesse?! Is there a right choice in this sort of situation?

There are two really cute love stories and the book delivers on making them both believable. If you’re looking for a light, cozy love story, I’d highly recommend this one.


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