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Book Review: Logo Design Love (2nd Edition) by David Airey

logodesignloveLogo Design Love (Second Edition)
by David Airey
Published by Peachpit Press in 2014

Logo Design Love is a great resource for someone interested in learning more about branding and logo design. David Airey, a self-employed designer since 2005, offers an overview of logos and branding, as well as useful tips for working in branding. The book includes a wide variety of case studies, with helpful, brief explanations of each project. The majority of the book is dedicated to tips for best design practices.

Airey’s writing is clear and easy to comprehend, and the design of the book complements this writing style. I used a lot of other design books while completing the dissertation for my Masters in Publishing a few years ago, and many of the books I used had overly complicated designs. Reading those books often felt like the authors were trying to show off their design skills rather than teach something (or perhaps the publishers were trying to show off their design savvy. Hard to say who was responsible). The results were confusing layouts that interrupted the flow of content. Not very good graphic design at all– though they definitely looked fancy.

Logo Design Love follows a much simpler and easy-to-follow format. There’s not much jumping around to the margins to read this tip or that caption, and the result is a highly readable guide to logo design. As a complete novice in the graphic design world, I found this book extremely helpful and interesting. Though I’m only working on a project for class, I’ve already started incorporating Airey’s tips into my work (starting with mind mapping my ideas). I’d highly recommend this to those with an interest in graphic design at all, but especially to those interested in logos and branding.


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