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DIY Photo Friday

Last weekend I completed my very first DIY home improvement project. A couple of weeks ago, on garbage day, I found this cheap folding table and decided to take it home with me. Originally, it was a very gross dark brown laminate wood, so I headed to Home Depot on the first really nice day of the year and picked up some fun paint colors — purple and light purple (it looks almost white in the photos).

Using this guide from LiveLoveDIY I was able to very successfully rehabilitate this ugly piece of furniture. Now it will grace the halls of my new apartment, which I’m moving into this weekend (hopefully).

This was a fun beginner project that only cost me as much as two samples of paint, primer, polycrylic, and a paint brush. The only thing I would do differently is invest in a paint roller for the next time. Getting the paint even and getting rid of drips with nothing but an angled brush was a big pain. Nevertheless, I am happy with the results!

Anyone else been up to some DIY lately?


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