Books On Trend: A Sea of Cities

Welcome to the second installment of a semi-regular feature here at Watch This Space: Book on Trend, in which I bring up a book trend I’ve noticed recently.

Books On Trend

I’m currently reading City of Stairs by Robert Jackson Bennett, which got me noticing all of the fantastic and magical books around that are named after cities. I’d love to see where these fall on a giant map of imaginary/fantasy lands. In any case, here are some recent (and some not-so-recent) books that fit the bill:

Of these books, the only three I can say anything about are The City of Ember, City of Bones, and Hollow City. The first I read years ago, and was disappointed. City of Bones I also read years ago, and I really wouldn’t recommend it. And Hollow City I read last year and absolutely loved.  And, as I mentioned, I’m currently reading City of Stairs, so the verdict on that one is still out.


4 thoughts on “Books On Trend: A Sea of Cities

  1. I feel like there’s a book called City of Dolls out there somewhere? And everything in the Mortal Instruments series starts with “City,” doesn’t it? I guess it’s a popular setting (especially for superheroes).

    1. Yep, every book in TMI has “City” in it. I really hated the first one though… And there were a couple of other books with sequels that also had “City” in the title, but I went with the first book in the series to avoid cluttering the list too much.

      Never heard of City of Dolls… but I did a quick search and there’s City of a Thousand Dolls (which sounds creepy)

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