On the boredom of moving to a new city


When you still live in your childhood (or teenagerhood) home everything is familiar. The routines, the responsibilities (or lack thereof), the people, and, yes, even the boredom is familiar. I could waste hours from my cozy spot on the couch watching nothing but Property Brothers and Rehab Addict reruns. I wouldn’t even bat an eyelash at that. But now, now I’m in a new city. I’ve moved into an apartment, shared with three people I had never met before, and I have to admit: it’s kind of boring.

I don’t know anyone in this city. And even if I never saw people when I lived at home, it was somehow less lonely and boring than this. Maybe is was the constant companionship of my cat, or my dad, but whatever it was, I kind of think it was better. When I lived at home, I knew everything there was to do in town, and I could happily abstain. Here, I don’t know what there is to do (besides go to an abundance of new restaurants) and it, for lack of better word, sucks. 

Now that I’m living closer to Manhattan (yay! Only 45-60 minutes to work instead of 120-150 minutes) I have more free time on my hands, and yet less activities to fill my hands with. I’ve been looking for classes to take or social activities to pick up, but not much is coming to mind. And because of the shortened commute, I have more energy and yet no where to spend it.

I need ideas. What is it people do in cities (on a pretty tight budget, I might add) to meet people when you’re starting from scratch?

The only thing I know right now is that there is an indie bookstore downtown and I plan on visiting that soon. 


2 thoughts on “On the boredom of moving to a new city

  1. This is what made me hate living in Hollywood. It is really hard to adjust when you don’t have at least something familiar. I wish I knew an answer for you. My only thing is that hey, at least you have roommates, perhaps you can get to know them better and get them to show you around the city?

    1. I’ve been looking for classes and stuff to do. Found a book reading/signing with BJ Novak coming up and a screen printing class in March. Kinda exciting! Esp the book signing.

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