Top 7 Infinitely Rewatchable Movies

I love movies. I love watching new releases and films I’ve never seen before. Foreign films, action films, dramas, comedies, Academy Awards winners, movies that might win MTV awards but nothing else, you name it, and I’ll almost certainly watch it. Some I may watch reluctantly, but a select few I can watch anywhere at any time as many times as possible. These aren’t even necessarily my “favorite” movies, but man do I love them.

1. The Lord of the Rings trilogy (but not The Hobbit)

For lovers of epic fantasies, this is it. The big one. I think there are some issues with the series among diehard Tolkien fans, but I love these movies. The Two Towers is my favorite.

Not actually a scene from The Two Towers.

Reasons I rewatch: When I’m feeling stressed out, can’t sleep, or just want to be re-amazed by how complex the story is. Also, there are so many quotes I relate to my life.

2. Star Trek (2009)

A great popcorn-action film to put on, with attractive settings, attractive people, and a fun story. Also, the first 10 minutes make me cry every time and I’m a glutton for emotional punishment. Also, CHRIS PINE.

My cuddles won’t hurt. Much.

Reasons I rewatch: If I need a reason to cry, or if I can’t sleep.

3. (500) Days of Summer

This is also on my ‘Favorite Movies of All Time’ list, but it’s a good go-to when I’m feeling slightly down about my joblessness or lovelessness. 500 Days still makes me laugh even though I’ve watched it at least 500 (hah hah!) times.

Reasons I rewatch: To make myself feel better about my life, to be amazed at the well-placed soundtrack, or laugh.

4. 27 Dresses

This Katherine Heigl-James Marsden masterpiece is the first (but not last) rom-com to grace the list. 500 Days doesn’t count as a rom-com because, as the narrator says in the beginning, it’s not a love story, but 27 Dresses does. And it’s a great rom-com. Just try not enjoying the scene where Heigl and Marsden sing the misheard lyrics of Bennie and the Jets.

Reasons I rewatch: ^ this scene. Forever.

5. What’s Your Number?

Here’s rom-com number two, which is one of the more recent releases added to this list. I love it because I can relate to Anna Faris’s character. Her friends are the sort of obnoxiously un-single friends that I used to have. And, rom-com tropes aside, this seems to me to have one of the most realistic portrayals of how actual relationships form. Also, Chris Evans.

Reasons I rewatch: Because Anna Faris reminds me of me and give me hope. Whew! That was a lot of ‘me’s.

Off-topic… I was looking for games and I discovered this drinking game for What’s Your Number? and now I want to play.

6. Pitch Perfect

The songs! The songs! The songs! Oh, and it’s pretty funny too. And just a fun watch overall. This is a really unintelligent description of the movie, but in this case, it’s pretty much exactly what’s on the tin.

Reasons I rewatch:

7. Jurassic Park

This is such a classic in my book. It’s so subtly funny and clever you might miss it midst all the awesome dinosaur action. The action never gets old. I recently saw this in 3D, and despite having seen it at least 5 times in the month before it was rereleased, some parts of it still made me jump, made me laugh, and made me tense up in anticipation.

Reasons I rewatch: It’s always on tv somewhere and it’s a genuinely well-made movie.


2 thoughts on “Top 7 Infinitely Rewatchable Movies

    1. Ugh, I definitely replied to this yesterday, but apparently it didn’t go through.

      Anyway, I actually don’t rewatch LOTR in its entirety very often (maybe once a year), but I usually watch the second and third movie in installments. And I’ll sometimes watch the first one all the way until Gandalf dies, take a nap through the seen in Galadriel’s forest, and then wake up to see Boromir die. That said, a rewatch of the entire series is completely worth it to me because I pick up new subtleties every time.

      Have you seen Into Darkness? What did you think? You probably know my opinion already… (Hint: I LOVED IT!)

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