Sometimes I write reviews on magazines

Over the past year I have written three different reviews for the website Magpile is a great website if you’re into discovering new indie magazines, especially in an international capacity. My most recent review (posted April 15) was for a very beautiful illustration magazine called Wrap, which gets its name from the free wrapping paper/posters it includes in every issue. 


The issue I reviewed was all about Issue 6, or the ‘Nordic Lights’ issue, focusing on Scandinavian/Nordic design and illustration. I’m really proud of the review, which managed to get Wrap on the ‘Trending’ list for at least a day. 

Anyway, I encourage everyone to read my review and check out the website at the following link:

Because I’m proud of it and all. 


I’ve also reviewed an issue of The Simple Things (Future PLC) and an annual student magazine from the London School of Fashion named Pigeons and Peacocks.

What do you guys think of my latest review? Is it interesting and substantial enough? How could I improve for the next one (whenever that may be)?

Also, does anyone here write reviews for products or media other than books? I’d be really interested to see what everyone gets up to!


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