A Day in the Life of a Sadly Unemployed Recent Graduate

This is basically what I do every day.  Obviously this is a work of fiction. *cough*

11:30 am. Wake up, hit ‘snooze’ button on phone.

12 noon. Actually get out of bed.

12:30 pm. Prepare self gourmet meal of Easy Mac.

1 pm. Stare at job postings.

2 pm. Watch NCIS. Or Bones. But probably NCIS.

3 pm. Continue watching NCIS while contemplating which job(s) to apply to today.

4 pm. Decide on a job.

5 pm. Wonder what the point of life is.

6 pm. Dinner, courtesy of mom, sometimes courtesy of a restaurant (but still technically courtesy of my parents).

7 pm. Psych self up to applying for job.

8 pm. Attempt writing a cover letter that doesn’t sound desperate or overly enthusiastic.

8:05 pm. Realize that is impossible.

8:10 pm. Sit wrapped in a blanket of self-doubt.

8:15 pm. Dad half-jokingly asks “What’s for dessert?”

8:20 pm. Give up and watch tv for next three hours.

11 pm. Parents finally go to bed. Write cover letter in peace.

2 am. Realize it is really late at night and tell self you will send job application tomorrow.

2:30 am. Wrap self in blanket of self-doubt. This time in bed.

3 am. Fall asleep to the sound of the heater creaking and movie soundtracks.

6 am. Wake up randomly.

8 am. Wake up to dog barking as parents leave for work.

9 am. Wake up from nightmares involving your past year(s) of stressful higher education deadlines.

11:30 am. Rinse and repeat.


One thought on “A Day in the Life of a Sadly Unemployed Recent Graduate

  1. I haven’t even finished my bachelor’s degree yet, but I’m doing the daunting task of applying for jobs. Sadly, I know too many graduates who cannot get employment, and this has a harsh effect on their confidence. I do know what it feels like to be depressed, with too much time on your hands to think. No matter how hard it is, keep applying for jobs and doing what you can do to move forward in life. Believe in yourself, it WILL happen.

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