I once saw 19 deer in my backyard.

I live in the country. Well, I guess technically I live in a neighborhood in the country. I live in the green bit in the northwest corner of New Jersey. Population 3,600 give-or-take. Chances are you’ve never heard of where I’m from.
I don’t live by the Jersey Shore. I don’t live by NYC or Philly. In fact, all of these places are uncomfortable commutes from my house.
The “town” I live in has a “general store”, a post office, an outdoor furniture store and a pub. I once saw 19 deer in my backyard.


The nearest piece of actual civilization is 10-15 minutes away. In high school the bus ride took 30 minutes each way because we were the first stop in the morning and the last one in the afternoon.
There are just about 8,000 people in the town I went to high school, according to Wikipedia. For every 100 females over the age of 18 there are 87.6 males, and yet the median income for a female is only $29,676. That’s $27,693 less than the median income of a male over 18 years old. 12.8% are below the poverty line, which is less than the nationwide average so I guess we’re okay there. I’m not sure where we stand on unemployment, but coming back here feels like I’m trapped.
There is little to no future for me in this town. Even if I only had 3 fingers I’d still be able to count the people I keep in touch with on one hand. So the plan is to move away, but I need a job before I can do that. I’ve applied to at least 12 in the month and a half I’ve been home. I sent my first application one month ago today and I haven’t heard back from any of them. It’s a bit maddening. So here is my list of things I am going to do to keep my sanity.

1. Keep applying to publishing jobs.
2. Start getting out of bed earlier.
3. Pick up a hobby.
4. Read more.
5. Leave my house more than once a week.
6. Get a temporary job that I will probably hate.
7. Make new friends at said job.
8. Stop reading depressing statuses by people with jobs.
9. Blog about it all.
10. There isn’t a number ten, so here is a picture of my cat:


For my sanity I hope I can follow this plan.


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