Current Skills: Teamplayer, Strong Communicator and some experience of shit clearing

If anyone ever wonders what it’s like to be an unemployed graduate, this post sums it up pretty well.

Small Print

So we have entered a New Year. This fact may have given me a burst of optimism, but unfortunately in the dazzling light of some ASDA fireworks I saw that my life, in its current phase, is shit. I am unemployed, poor and trying to claim some space in my sixteen year old sister’s bedroom.

Yeah, I know it could be worse…my brain tells me ‘this shit could be a whole lot shittier’, but do you know what my emotions are saying? They are screaming ‘WAH WAH WAH BOOHOO HOO’ and who can blame me? Unemployment doesn’t feel like a natural human state. To begin with you start to shun interaction with other human beings. I’m not sure how many more times I can answer the question ‘so what are you doing now?’ with an optimistic smile. Similarly, the outside world becomes daunting- as soon as I seem to go ANYWHERE money seems to…

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