And life continues…

Ladies and gents, as you probably have noticed, I’ve taken a bit of a break from the blogosphere.

I finished up my Major Project for my Masters at the end of September, and since then I’ve been trying to regain some of my sanity/humanity. Here’s a bit of a retrospect on what the whole process of writing a dissertation/completing a major project was like.

September 2011 – I started the MA Publishing course at Oxford Brookes University. At this point in time I had a vague notion of wanting to design something myself. That was kind of it. A lot of people on the course were more ambitious and already had a pretty clear idea of what they’d like to do. 

December 2011 – This was the first time I ever put any serious thought into what I wanted to write/make. I’d just watched that film with Renee whatsit about Beatrix Potter and I thought… maybe I could do something about that? I don’t know. It seemed like an okay idea. Or I also had the idea about researching colour theory and book cover design. 

January 2012 – I still had no idea! But somehow I managed to decide on ‘exploring the editorial and design processes of publishing a magazine’. Yay! I have a topic and a proposal. I read a lot of books about magazine publishing and design at this point in time. But… cut to–

May 2012 – This was the third time I put any real thought into it! Hey! I’ve still got… er… 4 months to go. Right? I took about a month’s holiday at this point in time. I worked and went to Cheltenham a few times to visit friends and had a good month. I also enjoyed some rare British sunshine!

June 2012 – Shoot shoot shoot. Time to start working! I had about 1 article done by this point in time and no clear editorial strategy. I soon sorted that by reading a few issues of Mollie Makes, Making, Crafts, and by reading a lot of books for fun that had nothing to do with anything. 

July 2012 – SERIOUS WORK BEING DONE. 4 RLY. This is where things got a lot of the background work for my project done. I did some serious analysis of the competition. I made my cover (which pretty much stayed the same, with the exception of headlines), came up with an editorial statement, etc. I even started designing some pages and managed to get a few more contributors in there.

August 2012 – Was not the best month for me. I was all over the place emotionally and instead of getting anything done, I chose to watch The Lord of the Rings over and over again while eating American snack food sent from home. I was completely broke and probably a bit depressed but I made it through. I also had to find a new place to live.

September 2012 – OH MY GOD I ONLY HAVE 28… 27… 26… [etc] DAYS LEFT. I pretty much lived in the IT suite during this month. Not kidding. I brought two meals a day and stayed there from 11am to 2am almost every day. It became my home. By the time September 28 rolled around I’d spent almost every waking hour in that room. I hadn’t slept in over 24 hours. I’d lived off of ready meals, chocolate bars, drank an average of 3 cans of Coke a day. You get the idea. By the time I handed it in, my supervisor flat out told me I looked “like crap”. Nice words to hear. 

So, since then, I’ve been working 2 internships (one in London) and 1 part-time job. I work as Publicity Officer for the SYP Oxford. After much thought, I’ve recently quit my London internship. So now I feel like I have time to breathe. Time to relax. I don’t quite know what to do with myself, but I’m hoping I can get back into blogging.

I guess, with all that said (and what a mouthful it was), I bid you adieu! And will hopefully see you all here this time next week.


2 thoughts on “And life continues…

  1. Life can overwhelm us at times and that which we want to finish can be the one thing we just cannot do. Sometimes you have to take a step back and take some time away; like you have done with the internship. You have been through a lot over the last year, and it has taken it out of you. So do as you are doing – relax, breathe and just take some time to get your head and your emotions together, before moving on to do battle with the world again.

    1. Thanks Jodie 🙂 I’m enjoying some time off, though I need to kick things back into gear. It’s hard to think about publishing things when you’re not as involved in things.

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