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Food cravings of an American in Oxford

Culturally speaking, the UK is probably pretty different from the US, but I’ve never found it that hard to adjust to. Once I lowered my speaking level to match those around me, I think I’ve done alright to fit in. But, materially speaking, there are some things I miss from the US that the UK, in all of its greatness, can never fix. I find these little homesicknesses are growing stronger the more summer time passes. As I’ve never lived anywhere but home during the summer, I never expected this level of homesick. Here are the top offenders at the moment:

1. Root Beer and Root Beer floatsImage

Brits try and ask me what root beer is like, and there’s no way to explain. There’s no UK equivalent (I’ve tried Ginger Beer and it is NOT the same. It’s disgusting.), but I have managed to find it in Mr. Simm’s Olde Sweet Shop in Oxford. I’ve also found an “American style diner” just off Oxford Street in London that makes floats and serves a delicious chili cheese fries. 


Summer is looking a bit brighter because of this!

2. NY style pizza


Oh my god, just HOW GOOD DOES THAT LOOK?

Seriously, not even my fellow Americans here understand why I miss this pizza so much. “The pizza here is not that bad” they say. Yes, that’s all well and good, but it’s all thin crust! It’s all meant to be eaten with a knife and fork while weeping because it’s not real pizza. And now that I know a nice cold can of A&W is waiting around the corner from me I miss pizza more than ever, so if someone (an American expat most likely) knows of a place in Oxford or London where you can get pizza like this, let me know! 

I’m desperate!

3. Real subs (from a deli)

This is not what I want my sub to look like:


This is:


I want my subs to be from a deli. I want them to be messy and near impossible to fit in your mouth in one bite. I want them to have tons of meat and cheese and basically fall apart unless you hold them the right way. In fact, these pictures aren’t even very good examples of what I want, maybe if we combined the pictures. I think instead of studying I’m going to attempt to hunt down a proper deli where they slice meat. There’s gotta be one around here, right?

4. S’mores


I found an excellent blog post on the wonders of s’mores. Seriously, why this country doesn’t have graham crackers is still a mystery to me, but I’m making do. Luckily, s’mores are a summer indulgence and not a year-long craving. So, hopefully, when summertime is over I can go back to just missing the top parts of this list. 

This is all for now, though I’m sure more things will come up as summer progresses. That’s one thing I will miss terribly if I live here long-term. Summertime food. 


2 thoughts on “Food cravings of an American in Oxford

  1. Do they have sarsparella soft drink? I think it’s Australian equivalent to root beer.

    But I know how you feel. There’s a lot of Australian food I really miss.

  2. I haven’t seen any sarsparella drinks around… Like I said, just ginger beer, which is icky! It tastes like the pickled ginger they put with sushi. Anyway, yeah, food is one thing you can never seem to replicate abroad 😦 Or even, in some cases, in different states in the US.

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