eat, sleep, work, apply for jobs like mad

I’ve been busy lately. So busy! I can hardly believe that it’s nearly July. I’ve not made as much progress on the ol’ major project as I’d hoped, but after this quick post, I think I’ll continue fumbling along with my work.

What exactly have I been up to instead?

To start with, I’ve been working quite a bit at my part-time job in the clothing shop. I can’t say it’s getting any more rewarding, but I did learn that I’m going to be updating the shop’s blog once that’s up and running. This means I’ll need to get pretty knowledgeable about fashion and trends. I’m no fashion maverick. The only person I’ve ever admired for style is Karen Gillan (of Doctor Who fame), and I’ve got no idea what bags or dresses are in or out or whatever. So, considering all of this, I’m probably the worst person content-wise. But I know blogs. I know the internet. I may not have the most followers in the world, but I get a few hits a day and am willing to turn up the heat, so to speak.

Karen Gillan

I’ve also had my very first (half) day at my publicity internship. It was really great to get back into an office and not be running up and down the stairs all day. The office is so different from working in a shop. It was quiet. Not a lot of conversation. I got to sit down. I mostly performed admin. tasks all afternoon, but I did get to put together some great prize packs for an online competition. I hope the winners enjoy them. And despite the change, I’m really looking forward to my next day of work and a bit saddened by the fact that I have to wait a full week!

When I’m not at my two jobs, I’ve been applying for more. I’ve got an interview lined up for a pretty big name magazine for an internship. I know I can’t accept the position as is, but I’ve agreed to an interview because I’m really interested in working for a magazine and I hope that maybe some sort of work experience can be arranged. Even if it’s just a day of shadowing, I’d be happy to commit. I’ve also just agreed to go to an interview for a part-time paid job at a publishing company in town. The position is actually one I can accept and am really excited by the prospect of quitting my day job and getting a… well… a more relevant day job. 

If I get it (I don’t want to get my hopes up), I’ll quit my shop job and get paid more to do something I actually want to do. I’ll still go ahead with the blog launch, I don’t mind that, but it’ll be a lot better when I’m not a slave to selling handbags anymore.

Fingers crossed, eh?


2 thoughts on “eat, sleep, work, apply for jobs like mad

    1. I liked working there as a part time job. Junaid, the manager of the store in the Clarendon Centre, is a great guy (and a total sweetheart when you get to know him) and the stores are family run, so they’re very understanding if you need a day off here and there. If you’re there long enough, they begin to treat you like family, which is pretty nice. I always like stopping in for a visit when I can.

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