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A literary journey through my childhood

In celebration of the start of my internship with the Children’s publicity team of Oxford University Press, I’ve decided to take a break from working on my major project (slowly coming along, I’ve just finished a basic list of UK published craft magazines) and share with you some of my favourite books from childhood and young adulthood. Consider it a short journey through my literary childhood.

1. Mouse Soup by Arnold Lobel


Out of all the books I read/ was read when I was a young child, this one is probably the one I remember the best. 


2. The Cam Jansen series by David A. Adler


I’m not sure what other kids were reading at the time, but I remember checking out all of these books from my elementary school library when I was in the first or second grade before moving on to another famous mystery series.

3. The Boxcar Children series by Gertrude Chandler Warner


I must’ve owned all of the books in this series at one point in time. I kept reading them even after I surpassed the reading level as I remember finishing one off in a couple of hours. My mom later returned it to the bookstore. I think everyone who was a child in the 90s must’ve read this series.

4. The Nancy Drew series by Carolyn Keene


Yet another mystery series I blasted through as a child, before I discovered the wonders of the fantasy genre, all thanks to the Harry Potter series of course. Which makes it on to this list at number 5 for being the most influential series in my life.

5. The Harry Potter series by JK Rowling

What list of children’s books would be complete without it. This series completely changed my taste in fiction from mystery to fantasy.


6. Redwall by Brian Jacques


I was recommended this book as something to read while waiting for the latest Harry Potter book to be released and shortly became addicted to the entire series. I wrote to Brian Jacques and everything.

7. Ella Enchanted/The Two Princesses of Bamarre by Gail Carson Levine


At least one of these books escaped being butchered for the Silver Screen. Truly great YA fantasy novels.

8. The Enchanted Forest Chronicles by Patricia C Wrede


A hilarious series about a princess who decides she’d rather go live with dragons then get married to some boring prince, fantasy was never the same again.

9. Almost anything by Tamora Pierce, but specifically… The Song of the Lioness quartet


Pierce’s books were, and still are, to my mind some of the coolest books with the absolute best female characters around. The Song of the Lioness quartet is about a girl who defies the law and trains to become a knight. There were also some pretty great male characters to fall in love with.

10. Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones


I was so saddened to hear that Jones passed away last year, her books were some of my all-time favourites. Howl’s Moving Castle in particular has a place as my favourite book of all time. It’s one that I take everywhere with me. A must read for anyone who loves fantasy, particularly anyone who is a YA. Read this book and then recommend it to everyone, because I don’t think it gets enough credit. It can never get enough credit


And with that, my list concludes. My high school years were a bit varied and my reading less avid, so I’ll save those books for another list.

What about you? What were your favourite childhood books? 


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