Some of my design work from 2012

Designed this magazine in application for an internship at Elle UK. They’re currently running a bit of a competition to hire interns to create the October issue, each intern is to be named a real position, and each application requires the completion of a specific task. I was going to apply for Art Director and the application involved designing the “ideal” Elle cover using one of several specified celebrities. Obviously, I chose Beyonce. Then I noticed they ask for a referee for the internship you are supposed to currently be on. I haven’t *quite* secured a position yet, so I’m not going to lie. Anyway, this is what I’ve designed:Image

Next up is some design work I did for my magazine publishing module. We all had to propose a new magazine title and come up with a 7-page prototype. A lot of the groups split the work between them, but I was almost solely responsible for the design of our title. The proposal? A magazine for creative professionals based on the Behance website. In the end the content probably came a bit too close to Computer Arts, so the magazine itself isn’t very viable, but I’m still proud of the designs.


These are just the most recent things I’ve done, and I’m actually ridiculously proud of them. I love magazine design and hope I get to do a bit of it in the future. Most of the fonts used for this were actually downloaded from 

Hopefully will have some more things to show off later this summer. I’ll keep you all posted.



2 thoughts on “Some of my design work from 2012

  1. These look great and like a lot of fun. Congrats on the internship. I’m sure you’ll love it.

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