A brief trip to Barcelona, with lots of patatas bravas and a little bit of sun.

After a brief, semi-impromptu hiatus from blogging I’m back. The past two weeks have been Easter break. My (probably) last extended Easter break ever. I spent a week doing reports, enjoying the beautiful weather (rain, rain, chance of snow, more rain) and this week I went to Barcelona to visit a friend of mine who I studied with last year. The city was beautiful, and very European. I was shown around the city by my friend, Andreu, and his girlfriend Alba, who I got to know over the four days that I was there.

It was really interesting seeing the city from a “local” point of view, but of course I did all of the touristy things as well. So, I thought I would post some of my favourite photos from the trip.

As you can see, Barcelona is pretty different from Oxford. I really love the different types of architecture that you get to see just from walking around. A lot of the city reminded me of being in Paris, but when you see buildings like La Perdera or La Sagrada Familia you’re really reminded that you can be no where but beautiful Catalunya! 


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