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15 Stages of Writing a Blog Post

Writing a set number of blog posts a week is both a blessing and a curse. At first, I though it more of the former.

Someone is actually telling me to write twice a week! This is excellent. Now I have an excuse to write.

And write I did. Quite regularly for quite a while. And then… and then… the work sets in. I’ve become so overwhelmed with reports and presentations that blogging will often fall on the way-side.

When I do sit down to finally write a blog post… my inner dialogue turns into something along these lines:

1. Right! I’m going to write a blog post. This should be relaxing. What should I write about? I can write about anything!

2. OH GOD. There are too many things to write about! I don’t know anymore!

3. I’ll write about something related to publishing.

4. Wait, no one likes reading those posts. I get more page views when it’s about books.

5. I should definitely write a blog about books.

6. I haven’t read any books lately.

7. I’ll write about something exciting that I’ve done lately… a publishing seminar, work, my research…


9. I think I’ll have a sandwich.

10. Back from my sandwich, okay, let’s see. Oh yes, I know… I will read other blogs for inspiration.

11. I’m never going to write blog posts as good as these. I’m a failure!

12. 22 people viewed my post reviewing When God Was a Rabbit. I need to read another book.

13. I don’t have time to read another book.

14. I will just write something light-hearted. Oh, I know! I’ll write a list of something!

15. This blog post is born.


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