Women’s Interests according to Magazine Publishing

While doing a bit of quick research on the current trends in magazine publishing, I’ve immediately become annoyed at the way in which things are categorized.

According to the PPA we women are interested in very specific things: Food, Health & Beauty, Lifestyle (synonymous with FASHION!), Parenthood and our nice cheap Weeklies.

Men don’t have their own sub-categories in any of these. There’s just one men’s interest section… and it’s called “Men’s Lifestyle”. This wouldn’t really drive me as crazy if they hadn’t deemed that magazines about gadgets and technology were part of Men’s Lifestyle. As if women don’t care about them at all!

And, stereotypically, don’t men like to grill? Are there no magazines for men who love eating (i.e. all of them)? Most of the people that I know who like to cook are men. I’m absolutely rubbish at it (the only thing I can cook besides pasta is lemon pepper chicken).

Speaking of food, it’s almost time for my gourmet lunch, consisting of a bagel and cream cheese. Toasted.

So, before I go, I’d like to ask any men reading this: Are men already sold on the idea of one or two magazines offering them the whole “lifestyle” package? Or is there room to publishing something a bit different?

Leave your thoughts in the comments! And feel free to prove me wrong on any of this. It’d certainly cheer me up!


2 thoughts on “Women’s Interests according to Magazine Publishing

  1. I think magazines are trying to say that women are a lot more complicated than men. Like how many different toiletries women use in the shower, to achieve the same effect as the one body wash a man uses to wash all his body parts, including his hair, they are telling us we need a lot more stuff to look pretty. Mainly for the men in our lives…

  2. Thanks for the comment, Jodie (you’re my first!). And I completely agree with you. *Clearly* we women need a lot more products to make ourselves desirable and more food to keep ourselves (but mostly our husbands and future-husbands) happy .

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