Reblog: Magazines in the U.S. (full post)

One of my favorite accounts to follow on twitter is Ed2010News. As a publishing student about to enter the job market, it’s nice to see one site that posts a number of attainable jobs and internships in the magazine industry (even if they are in the States and I’d prefer one in London or Oxford). But, every now and then Ed2010 also posts articles and blogs related to the magazine industry. Today brought up two articles that are very interesting in comparison with each other.

The first, “Food Advertisers Cinching Belts” from Women’s Wear Daily, is about a declining market for food advertising, and also drop in food magazine sales. Food magazines in the U.S. experienced anywhere from 3% to 21% drops. The exception being Food Network Magazine.

The second article from WordPress blog Mr. Magazine is entitled “55 New Titles Debut in January 2012… The Mr. Magazine™ Launch Monitor“. Which is about exactly what the title says: the fact that there have been (at least) 55 new magazine titles released in January 2012 alone. 

What’s interesting about these two next to each other is that, despite the ad drops as mentioned in the article from WWD, there were quite a few food-related titles released in January. While there were no regular or annual food magazines published, there were 13 special issues related to recipes, food and dieting. Two of the thirteen feature “comfort food” and four feature slow-cook recipes. 

So, what gives? Are these new “specials” advertising for more than just food? Are they taking placements for other products and services? Or are advertisers more willing to place a one-off ad than one in a regular magazine?

In the world of publishing where we students are challenged to think outside of the box, to come up with innovative projects and fill gaps in the market, what does it mean that there are 13 new food-related magazines out? 

Tomorrow will be my first day in the Magazine Publishing module offered here at Oxford Brookes University, so hopefully some questions I have about magazine markets will be answered. I’m very interested to see if the same trends in the U.S. market are taking place in the U.K. and which type of magazines do the best all around.


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