New plans for a new week

It’s a Tuesday! And Valentine’s Day. Day of Love. I’m personally just enjoying it because it’s my day off. And by day off I mean I don’t have to go into work or uni but I still have to read the 15 books stacked up on my shelf in an effort to focus my major project/dissertation.

But this is all irrelevant! I’ve got new plans for this small space on the web. As I mentioned briefly in my last post, I have another blog I maintain for one of my university courses. It’s largely interfered with my focus on this blog, so I’m going to reimagine this one and use it to reblog all of those. You see, after that class is done, the blog will be lost forever! Can’t have all my hard work building up interest and a readership forgotten. So, the next few posts will be reblogs of my posts from here:


That’s all!


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