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I’ve beaten you, finally. While it may have taken 3 weeks to get over my general habit of boozing and sleeping until god-knows-when in the afternoon, I’ve finally got my “resolutions” in order. I didn’t really make any New Years resolutions. I never do. But this year I’ve been to the gym… ONCE. Take that. And with my new found body combat skills, I’m gonna kick your sorry first month a– back to 2011! And stay out!

I’ve also been flossing.

It’s really been quite a productive week. But listen, I’ve cursed myself now. I’ve said it to the internet and we all know once you say it to the internet it automatically turns into Failsville (Or Failsburgh, pronounced Failsburrah, if you live in the UK, as I do).

But I swear to god it’s the turn of a new leaf!

And here is my New Year’s blog. Also known as the annual blog I start up and swear I will update regularly! It all looks so clear from here. I know what I must do!

I was going to spend the rest of this blog ranting about PIPA and SOPA and serious things, but I’d much rather go to bed. As I said, I’ve had a tough, alcohol-less day at the gym and am feeling a bit worse for the wear.

More word on this if I manage to make it to Ab and Back Pilates tomorrow.

Hope it’s a lot less violent than body combat was.


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